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Any donation big or small is greatly appreciated! 


 I figure people want to know where their money goes so I have compiled a list of initial expenses.  Without any assistance, relying mainly on federal loans, we estimate we will be about $240,000 in debt by the time I graduate.  This means that my student loan payments will be about the same as a mortgage on a house. The United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the average starting salaries of first year veterinary graduates as being about $40k - $65K per year.  ANYTHING that you can do, even donating $1 will help! 

School Expenses: 


Equipment Fees (1st year)

Tuition & Fees (1st year)

Books (1st year)

Tuition & Fees (2nd year)

Books (2nd year)

Tuition & Fees (3rd year)

Tuition & Fees (summer)











 Scholarships & Donations:







Charges listed above do not include living expeses (food, rent, etc...) and do not include loans.  Any donations I receive above and beyond the cost of reasonable relocation expenses and education costs will be donated to animal charities.  Examples include: 

 Thank you!

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If you have questions or comments please feel free to contact me via e-mail at: 

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