Help Me Be A Vet

Information on becoming a veterinarian:

Information on veterinary colleges can be found at the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC) website.

College Scholarship Databases:

I search these regularly, as a general rule there are more scholarships available to undergrad students then to grad students.  My advice, don't use just one because I will find different scholarships through different sites.  Also keep in mind there are scholarships available to you that may have nothing to do with your major, so search for anything that interests you.
Before you start your scholarship search, you should fill out your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  This will allow your school to tell you what your Uncle Sam is willing to contribute to your school expenses.  You may be eligible for grants (money you don't have to pay back) and/or loans.  Keep in mind there are two types of loans, subsidized and unsubsidized.  You do not accrue interest on subsidized loans while you are in school.  You do accrue interest on unsubsidized loans while in school.


CollegeBoard -  This site has a scholarship database as well as information on planning for, finding and applying to college.


FastWeb - Also a scholarship database, however this one has lots of advertising that you constantly have to say no to. - This database also has lots of advertising to work around. - This is a blog site with lots of information on a variety of different scholarships.



Animal Charities:

ASPCA -  This organization provides numerous animal related services.


Best Friends Animal Shelter - An absolutely incredible animal shelter!  


The Dog Liberator - A rescue group composed of volunteers, fosters and transporters, servicing much of the Southeast US.


Paws 2 Help - A non-profit organization dedicated to offering truly low-cost spay/neuter and veterinary clinics.




Veterinary and Pet Information:

American Veterinary Medical Association - They provide standards for education, continuing education for veterinarians and technicians as well as information about animal health and zoonotic diseases.


FDA, Animal & Veterinary - This website provides information on veterinary medicines, pet food/treat recalls and a variety of other animal/veterinary related topics. - This website provides information about a multitude of veterinary topics.  It is written and maintained by veterinarians, but it is in everyday language for the general public.


Max's House - This is a website with loads of information on cats.


Pet Lemon Laws - List of regulations pertaining to the sale/adoption of animals, listed by state.


Toxic and Non-Toxic Plants -  This is a searchable database of plants, both toxic and non-toxic, provided by the ASPCA.



Dog Clubs:


AKC - American Kennel Club 

ARBA - American Rare Breed Association



Cat Clubs:


CFA - Cat Fancier's Association 

TICA - The International Cat Association

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